Rock Steady Music (RSM) implements 360-degree multi-tiered music services and marketing campaigns focusing on media relations, project management, sales strategy consultation, radio promotion, sync & licensing, and music supervision.


RSM’s sync and licensing division finds placement opportunities for artists and their music in film, television, advertising, trailers, promos, video games and other broadcast media. Our team has successfully licensed music with all major studios and networks and maintains working relationships with the industry’s top music supervisors, studio executives, music producers, ad agencies, brand managers and other key licensees.


RSM provides essential and creative music services to filmmakers, show runners, studios and producers of all media from the early stages of development through distribution and even soundtracks. We are well positioned within our vast network of affiliate artists, composers, labels, and publishers to source the perfect piece of music in a wide array of genres from classic songs to contemporary hits. We can assist in identifying songs to be considered for inclusion in a production, source and hire the right composer and on-camera music talent, prepare and manage the music budget, negotiate master and publishing rights and clearances, manage post-production audio assets, assemble music credits, prepare and file cue sheets as well as the distributor music rights package. Consider us your one-stop music department.


Public Relations
RSM’s public relations team is focused on crafting an artist or brand’s story through strategic placements in music and lifestyle magazines, national and regional papers, network television and radio appearances, and online media.

Video Promotion
RSM’s video team utilizes their long-term relationships with top network television media outlets such as MTV, Fuel, and Fuse, to name a few, to secure placements that ensure as much exposure as possible.

Digital Marketing
RSM’s digital division is focused on ensuring artist or brand’s assets are featured prominently and strategically in the online editorial media. This division also implements complete integration within social networks by offering full support on direction and execution.

Traditional Marketing
RSM’s marketing division assists artists and lifestyle brands in connecting with fans on a much deeper level–going beyond the retail space. From ad plans to the creation of tangible marketing tools, RSM outlines and executes media buy campaigns designed to foster relationships in the media and communicate directly with the consumer.

Direct-To-Fan Services
RSM’s Direct-To-Fan strategy helps an artist engage fans with compelling content, and provides them with measurable data to help develop milestones throughout their campaign. This allows artists to teach consumers the behavior of continuous interaction and encourages fans to purchase directly from them. Our preferred partners include TopSpin, Echospin and Bandcamp.


RSM provides expert Project Management by handling controlling traffic and connecting the dots necessary to make any size team effective and potent. Our team will ensure that all parties are on the same page and working toward the same end, which is the success of the project. RSM becomes your virtual staff—consulting, creating and coordinating all of the moving parts to create a flawlessly functioning, multi-faceted campaign.


RSM works directly with all US distribution companies to set up production on albums, co-op budget management, full-service solicitation including sales sheet creative, sales reporting and management of reorders. Our team will talk to key retailers, both the digital and physical, to ensure key positioning and that all distribution programs are being taken advantage of, no matter where an artist might be in their career.


RSM’s radio team secures music on College, (Top 200, RPM, AAA and Hip Hop) Indie, Specialty, Internet, Satellite and Non-Com radio formats and charting at CMJ, FMQB, Mediaguide, !earshot and KKBB. Our team will also ensure additional Radio promotion including on-air appearances, promoting tours, contesting and more, getting the artist not only heard, but noticed.