Princess Superstar! and Fiber One Protein Cereal

Princess Superstar’s title track from her new album The New Evolution is featured in ads for General Mills’ Fiber One Protein cereal, first airing 01-20-14. The spot, produced by Saatchi & Saatchi New York, inspires exercise and promotes an active get-up-and-go lifestyle with this fun, light-hearted track with a retro twist. “We are part of the

Dark Horses in Killer Women (ABC)

Dark Horses’ song “Radio Offshore feat. Robert Levon Been” is featured in episode three of ABC’s new series Killer Women first airing 01-21-14 at 10pm. Robert Levon Been (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) lends his voice and lyrics to this b-side reboot of the song “Radio” from the group’s debut album, Black Music. Killer Women centers on Molly

Agnes Obel in Betrayal (ABC)

Agnes‘ song “Dorian”, from her sophomoric album, Aventine, will be featured in episode eight (…One More Shot) of ABC’s Betrayal first airing 11-17-13 at 10pm. In Betrayal, Sarah is a photographer and Jack McAllister is a top attorney. Each of them is married and have their own lives. However, a chance meeting will

Three monster kids, forced to go to human school? We’re as shocked as they are!

Mighty Mighty Monsters follows the adventures of three classic movie monster kids – vampire Vlad, Frankenstein-esque Frankie and werewolf Gunnar – who are expelled from Monster Academy for the prank of the year gone wrong in the first special, Halloween Havoc. Forced to attend a Human Immersion program at a “normal” middle school,