Jax Jones in NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)

Jax Jones’ “Yeah Yeah Yeah” can be heard in season 7, episode 12 of CBS’ smash hit series NCIS: Los Angeles (first airing 12-07-15). Aa clandestine division of NCIS goes deep undercover to capture criminals that are threatening national security. With access to the latest technological developments the team does whatever is necessary to get the job

Down With Webster in Follow The Rules (MTV)

Down With Webster’s song “Feel So Alive” from their Party For Your Life album will be featured in Season 1 Episode 10 of MTV’s show Follow The Rules,  first airing November 23, 2015. Follow The Rules is a comedic half-hour docu-series centered around Grammy nominated rapper turned actor, Ja Rule, and the hectic household that he

Jax Jones in Apple Watch spot

Jax Jones’ hit “Yeah Yeah Yeah” can be heard in a new spot for the Apple Watch: Cycle. Apple Watch tracks every second of your ride, from warm up to cool down. Goal achieved! Enjoy the ride. A special thanks to GEMS. RSM represent publishing for Hardlivings UK.  

The Weakness in Awkward (MTV)

The Weakness‘ song “Thing About Love” from their self titled EP will be featured in Season 5 Episode 1 of MTVs show Awkward,  first airing August 31, 2015. Awkward is an American teen sitcom series which follows Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards), a socially invisible teenager, and explores how we can’t control things that happen