Mother Mother’s “Wrecking Ball” in Free Radio (VH1)

Mother Mother‘s “Wrecking Ball” is featured in VH1’s Free Radio. Created by Lance Krall and Rory Rosegarten, the show focuses on a dysfunctional radio station KBOM and their morning show entitled, Moron in the Morning. Real celebrities guest star as themselves with Lance, who often either does not realize who they are or mixes them up with other celebrities on the air. Most of the dialogue is improvised and guest stars have included: Kiefer Sutherland, Luis Guzman, Tony Hawk, Howie Mandel, Tony Shaloub, Perez Hilton, Bob Saget, Ray Romano, Penn and Teller, Ed Helms, Ed Begley Jr, Hank Azaria and Emily Procter, among many others.