Huoratron (pronounced whore-a-tron) is the solo project of Aku Raski, Finnish DJ/producer/mad 8-bit scientist, who’s sinister vision began in 2003 by using two Game Boy consoles to produce experimental and dark electro. Since then, he has risen from the digital underground and updated his gear while maintaining the pure black sound and raw aesthetics.

GENRES: Electronic / Grindcore

MASTER: Rock Steady Music — 100%  o/b/o Last Gang Records
PUBLISHING: Copyright Control

01. Cryptocracy
02. New Wave of Mutilation
03. A699F
04. Bug
05. Dungeons & Dragons
06. Sea of Meat
07. Top 1%
08. Force Majeure
09. Transcendence
10. Unblinking Eye

01. Corporate Occult
02. Gbay
03. Prevenge
04. Corporate Occult (MixHell Remix)
05. $$ Troopers
06. Hoedown
07. Trolls