Carleton Stone hails from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and delivers and radiates vibrant life into his songwriting. A desire to address his weighty and relatable experiences is at the core of Stone’s strength as an artist. He excels at tapping into an ideal balance between that lyrical gravity and a love of melody. Carleton has released two albums to date including his most recent release, Draws Blood. The lead single for which—”Climbing Up The Walls”—achieved #1 on the CBC Radio 2 Top 20 chart in Canada.

“The new star on the horizon belongs to Carleton Stone, who is quickly developing into a major national talent.” —Bob Mersereau (CBC Radio & author of “The Top 100 Canadian Albums”)

Genre: Alt Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Americana

Master & Publishing: Rock Steady o/b/o GroundSwell Music

Draws Blood (03-04-14)drawsblood

01. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
02. Climbing Up The Walls
03. Signs of Life
04. Love Into The Light
05. When You Come Home
06. What I Want
07. Draws Blood
08. The Darkness
09. Like A Knife
10. Pick Me Up, Dust Me Off

Carleton Stone (09-06-12)carletonstone

01. Last Thing
02. Moving On
03. Sheets
04. Million Dollar Heart
05. Never Felt A Thing
06. Dominoes
07. Looks
08. Strong Medicine
09. Fit Together
10. Bad Decisions
11. Gone