Dirty Ghosts front woman Allyson Baker was sneaking into Dwarves shows and frequenting mosh pits before she was barely out of junior high. By age 17, she was playing guitar for some of Toronto’s most notorious hardcore punk bands (Teen Crud Combo R.I.P.) before ditching the great white north for San Francisco. After several band incarnations (including Parchman Farm) and five years of trials and tribulations, Dirty Ghosts, finally unveil their debut release Metal Moon on Last Gang Records. Co-produced with rapper Aesop Rock, the album offers a solid set of gritty rock tunes with impeccable grooves.

01. Ropes That Way
02. Shout It In
03. Surround The Controls
04. Battle Slang
05. No Video
06. Katana Rock
07. 19 in ’71
08. Steamboat to Concord
09. Pretty Face
10. Beast Size

GENRES: Indie Rock

MASTER: Rock Steady Music – 100%  o/b/o Last Gang Records
PUBLISHING: Copyright Control