Mother Mother play smart and amiable folk-rock with an alternative edge, biting wit, and a jazzy sense of sophistication. The band hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and true to their name they started out as a family affair with guitarist and singer Ryan Guldemond and sister Molly Guldemond. Mother Mother’s rapid ascent from an acoustic folk trio touring the open mics of their hometown to an internationally revered alternative pop/rock five-piece touring the clubs, theaters and event centers of North America and Europe not only demonstrates just how far they’ve come but has also blazed the trail for what’s to follow.

GENRES: Folk Indie Rock

MASTER: Rock Steady o/b/o Last Gang Records
PUBLISHING: ole Songs o/b/o Last Gang Publishing

thesticksTHE STICKS (02-12-13)
01. Omen
02. The Sticks
03. Let’s Fall In Love
04. Businessman
05. Dread In My Heart
06. Infinitesimal
07. Happy
08. Bit By Bit
09. Latter Days
10. Little Pistol
11. Love It Dissipates
12. the Cry Forum
13. Waiting For The World To End
14. To The Wild

eurekaEUREKA (03-15-11)
01. Chasing it Down
02. The Stand
03. Baby Don’t Dance
04. Original Spin
05. Born In A Flash
06. Simply Simple
07. Problems
08. Aspiring Fires
09. Getaway
10. Far In Time
11. Oleander
12. Calm Me Down

omyheartO MY HEART (09-16-08)
01. O My Heart
02. Burning Pile
03. Body Of Years
04. Try To Change
05. Wisdom
06. Body
07. Ghosting
08. Hayloft
09. Wrecking Ball
10. Arms Tonight
11. Miles
12. Sleep Awake

touchupTOUCH UP (05-08-07)
01. Dirty Town
02. Polynesia
03. Angry Sea
04. Oh Ana
05. Legs Away
06. Love & Truth
07. Train Of Thought
08. Verbatim
09. Neighbour
10. Ball Cap
11. Tic Toc
12. Touch Up
13. Little Hands

FEATURED IN: Kraft (Nat'l Ad) | Rookie Blue (ABC) | Blue Mountain State (Spike) | Sun Rype (Nat'l Ad) | The Other Woman (Feature Film) | Free Radio (VH1) | Men In Trees (ABC)