Rush Midnight is the solo project of formally trained jazz musician and bassist for Twin Shadow, Russell Manning. Born and bred in Brooklyn, Manning has fashioned himself as a wistful Casanova with a John Hughes-type cool. He makes chill, emotive, tightly-knit funk with unending grooves and his lyrics document genuine intimacy beneath the cool exterior making for an album that’s suitable for both the dancefloor and dreamy, late-night cruising.

“Cerebral and physical.” —Hypertrax

Genre: R&B, Funk

Master & Publishing: Rock Steady o/b/o Last Gang Records

Rush Midnight (05-27-14)rushmidnight

01. Closer
02. Fix Me Up
03. You Leave Me Without
04. One You’ll Outrun
05. Too Late
06. In Your Room
07. Say I’m Someone
08. I Was Myself
09. They’ll Never Know
10. Crash
11. All That I Want
12. I’m Yours (B Side)