One half of Death From Above 1979Sebastien’s solo album, Yours To Discover, is an exciting departure into pop-inspired melodies and perfectly gritty vocals.

While Sebastien may gnash his teeth and beat everything up as the singer/drummer in his visceral power-duo Death From Above 1979Yours To Discover is a declaration of peace in a time of war. It’s an invitation to an exciting new land where back-to-basics pop lunges forward with a peerless contemporary sound; “renaissance pop” if you will.

“…uplifting electro/indie effort that sits somewhere in a weird limbo between early Killers and Ronnie Vannucci’s Big Talk side project.” –Mike Williams, NME

“Exquisite, modern/contemporary” –Fame Magazine

“Carefully sculpted synth-pop with a sweet edge…” –Clash Magazine

“…he ditches the darkness and goes full-on-in-your-face pop, but it’s an understatement to say it works for him.” –London In Stereo

GENRES: Electronic Pop Rock

MASTER: Rock Steady Music o/b/o Last Gang Records

YOURS TO DISCOVER (11-12-13)Yours To Discover

01. Overture
02. Waking Up Dead
03. The Streets Are Still A Mess
04. I’m Looking For A Hand
05. You Body Works
06. Let’s Move To NYC
07. Going With You
08. Second Of Love
09. I Want Sebastain Grainer
10. I Don’t Believe In Ghosts
11. Some People Are Ghosts Too Soon
12. Finale