The Town Heroes are an alt-rock power duo crafting catchy, lyrical, hard-hitting and anthemic songs that sound like a party you wish you were at. Although minimalist in terms of numbers, their sound is anything but that. Self-described as “The most noise two Cape Bretoners can make”, that noise is a cascade of passion, urgency and belief in their songs. The Town Heroes have released two albums to date including their most recent release, Sunday Movies.

“Crafting hooky, classic indie rock songs with a huge sound that belies their minimalistic set-up.” –Stephanie Johns, The Coast

Genre: Alt Rock

Master & Publishing: Rock Steady o/b/o GroundSwell Music

Sunday Movies (10-01-13)sundaymovies

01. New York City
02. Berlin Wall
03. Laser Eyes
04. Cambridge
05. Rust Away
06. Sunday Movies
07. Holdin’ Up Grants
08. Pile of Bones
09. Bulletproof
10. Cowboys and Indians
11. Card Reader

Birds and Fear (04-01-10)birdsandfear

01. Slag Heaps
02. Safety With Ducks
03. Hit Potential
04. English Class
05. More
06. Birds and Fears
07. Murderers
08. Shadowman
09. Try
10. Dear Friends and Faces
11. Elm St.
12. Fishin in the Tar Ponds
13. I’ll Think About It