Agnes Obel in Parenthood (NBC)

Agnes‘ song “Dorian”, from her sophomoric album, Aventine, is featured in episode five of season five (“Just Like Home”) of NBC’s Parenthood first airing 02-27-14 at 10pm. Parenthood follows the Braverman family’s four grown siblings who are desperately trying to navigate through the trials and tribulations of parenthood, as well as their own personal issues. The show features an

Agnes Obel in Degrassi (MTV)

Agnes‘ song “Dorian”, from her sophomoric album, Aventine, will be featured in episode 39 of season 13 of MTV Canada’s cult hit series Degrassi first airing this summer. Degrassi follows an ensemble cast of students at Degrassi Community School who face various challenges, such as self-image, peer pressure, child abuse, sexual identity, gang violence, self-injury,

Agnes Obel in Ravenswood (ABC Family)

Agnes‘ song “Fuel To Fire”, from her sophomoric album, Aventine, will be featured in episode ten (My Haunted Heart) of ABC Family’s Ravenswood first airing 02-04-14 at 9pm. Ravenswood is an American teen, supernatural drama, mystery-thriller television series created by I. Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick and Joseph Dougherty; and a spin-off of Pretty

Agnes Obel in Star-Crossed (The CW)

Agnes‘ song “Dorian”, from her sophomoric album, Aventine will be featured in episode two of the debut season of Star-Crossed (first airing 02-24-14) on The CW. This CBS produced science fiction romance television series, created by Meredith Averill, follows a romance between a human girl and an alien boy when he and eight others