Bassnectar on Breaking Bad (AMC)

Bassnectar’s song “The 808 Track feat. Mighty High Coup” is featured in AMC’s Breaking Bad (EP404 “Bullet Points”) first airing 08-07-11. The song can be heard playing in Jessie’s house after a long night of partying. Breaking Bad airs Sundays at 10:00 PM et/pt on AMC. A special thank you to our friends at Supermusicvision.

Bassnectar featured in Bellflower

The Bassnectar song “Underwater” ft. Tina Malia underscores a poignant scene in Evan Glodell’s apocalyptic love story for the Mad Max generation.  The film—famously made for only $18,000—debuted at Sundance 2011 and made the festival rounds before its limited U.S. release on August 5. A special thank you to Andrea