Terry Lynn’s “Streetlife” in Internet promos for Harper’s Island (CBS)

Terry Lynn‘s “Streetlife” is featured in promos for CBS’ Harper’s Island 16-week web companion series Harper’s Globe, an interactive experience, where viewers can integrate with the broadcast show.  Harper’s Globe fused storylines, locations and characters from multiple platforms to create a complex, interactive side story to Harper’s Island. Offering a deeper

Panurge’s “The Hours They Pass” in Exes & Ohs (Logo)

Panurge‘s “The Hours They Pass” is featured in Exes & Ohs the cable television series launched on Logo that centres around the dating life of Jennifer, a lesbian documentary filmmaker with a vivid fantasy life and a floundering career.

Mother Mother’s “Body Of Years” in The Best Years

Mother Mother‘s “Body Of Years” featured in The Best Years, a television teen drama that chronicles the college life of Samantha Best and her friends in Boston, MA.

Mother Mother’s “Arms Tonight” in indie film Pop Switch

Mother Mother‘s “Arms Tonight” is featured in indie film Pop Switch, chronicling a baby-crazed wife, Estelle, who after years of failing to get pregnant, forces the issue by secretly putting the couple back on the adoption wait list. When Estelle receives a phone call about the possibility of an available child, her