Terry Lynn’s “System” in Aesthetica Snowboarding DVD

Terry Lynn‘s “System” is featured in the Standard Films Aesthetica Snowboarding DVD, highlighting the best progressive freestyle riding on a visual journey from the backcountry to the steepest and deepest powder conditions of 2008. Featuring Mark Landvik and Eric Jackson, along with underground Canadian locals, this film utilizes all of

Let’s Go To War’s “Burn Down The Disco” in The Best Years

Let’s Go To War‘s “Burn Down The Disco” featured in The Best Years, a television teen drama that chronicles the college life of Samantha Best and her friends in Boston, MA.

Tiga’s “(Far From) Home” in Sami Hayek ad campaign for Target

Tiga‘s “(Far From) Home” is featured in the ad campaign for Target debuting an exclusive collection of bedding, decorative accessories, furniture and stationery by Mexican designer Sami Hayek. Designed with the student in mind, the contemporary collection features products from comforters and sheets to photo frames and notebooks in bold

Boys Noize’s “Lava Lava” in Motorstorm 2

Boys Noize‘s “Lava Lava” is featured in Evolution Studios/SONY’s  MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, the sequel to MotorStorm that moves away from the desert environments of the original and relocates itself in “a lush island environment, full of interactive vegetation”; and also includes monster trucks and four-player split-screen capability.