Mother Mother’s “Oh My Heart” in Vancouver 2010 (SEGA)

Mother Mother‘s “Oh My Heart” is featured in SEGA’s Vancouver 2010 video game based on the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. The game includes 30 different challenges spread over all Olympic events which can be unlocked on a one-by-one basis as the user completes the tasks.

MSTRKRFT’s “Work On You” in Colin McCrae Dirt 2

MSTRKRFT’s “Work On You” is featured in Codemasters/NAMCO’s Colin McCrae Dirt 2, the first PC video game to use Blue Ripple Sound’s Rapture3D sound engine by default and one of the first to implement the then newly released DirectX 11 graphical standard on ATI 5000 and NVIDIA Geforce 400 series

Terry Lynn’s “Steppin’ Up” in 90210 (The CW)

Terry Lynn‘s “Steppin’ Up” is featured in The CW’s reboot of 90210, the teen drama television series developed by Rob Thomas, Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs, and the fourth series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise created by Darren Star.

Mother Mother composes music for SunRype ad campaign

SunRype’s ‘Kite’ spot features “Stay Here,” a song written and performed by Vancouver band Mother Mother.  Their original approach to modern pop/rock music is generating a lot of recognition with “vocal harmonies even Queen would be proud of” According to UR Chicago. Sun-Rype Products Ltd. is based in Kelowna, Canada, in