DFA 1979’s “Going Steady” in Entourage (HBO)

Death From Above 1979‘s “Going Steady” is featured in HBO’s Entourage, chronicling fictitious film star Vincent Chase’s navigation of the vapid terrain of Los Angeles with a close circle of friends and his trusty agent.

Mother Mother’s “Legs Away” in feature film Love & Other Impossible Pursuits

 Mother Mother‘s “Legs Away” is featured in the film Love & Other Impossible Pursuits. The film, an adaptation of the Ayelet Waldman novel, stars Natalie Portman as Emilia Greenleaf, an attorney living in New York city with her husband, Jack Woolf. The bulk of the story deals with the results

Metric’s “Help I’m Alive” in indie film Defendor

Metric‘s “Help I’m Alive” is featured in the indie film Defendor, a Canadian superhero comedy-drama written and directed by Peter Stebbings, and starring Woody Harrelson, Kat Dennings, Elias Koteas and Sandra Oh.  The story tells of a mentally ill man who adopts the persona of a real-life superhero named Defendor

Terry Lynn’s “IMF” in CSI:NY (CBS)

Terry Lynn‘s “IMF” is featured in CBS’ CSI:NY, the police procedural television series that follows the investigations of a team of NYPD forensic scientists and police officers as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths as well as other crimes.  The series is the second indirect spin-off from