Mother Mother’s “Wrecking Ball” in Free Radio (VH1)

Mother Mother‘s “Wrecking Ball” is featured in VH1’s Free Radio. Created by Lance Krall and Rory Rosegarten, the show focuses on a dysfunctional radio station KBOM and their morning show entitled, Moron in the Morning. Real celebrities guest star as themselves with Lance, who often either does not realize who

Mother Mother’s “Burning Pile” in MTV’s College Life

Mother Mother‘s “Burning Pile” is featured in MTV’s College Life, the reality television program created by David Wexler, about the day-to-day lives of eight University of Wisconsin-Madison freshmen, filmed on the campus.

Mother Mother’s “Body Of Years” in The Best Years

Mother Mother‘s “Body Of Years” featured in The Best Years, a television teen drama that chronicles the college life of Samantha Best and her friends in Boston, MA.

Mother Mother’s “Arms Tonight” in indie film Pop Switch

Mother Mother‘s “Arms Tonight” is featured in indie film Pop Switch, chronicling a baby-crazed wife, Estelle, who after years of failing to get pregnant, forces the issue by secretly putting the couple back on the adoption wait list. When Estelle receives a phone call about the possibility of an available child, her