Ane Brun in the ABC Music Lounge

Mistresses Music Supervisor Season Kent explains the cohesiveness of Ane Brun’s song “The Light From One” as it plays under the final scene of episode 104 where Savi contemplates a heavy decision. Read the full article on the ABC Music Lounge.

Ane Brun featured in Mistresses (ABC)

Ane Brun‘s “The Light From One” from her album, It All Starts With One, will be featured in ABC’s new series Mistresses (EP104) debuting on June 3rd.  A provocative yet sophisticated drama, Mistresses follows four women and their love lives, their sex lives, their secrets, their lies, and above all, their friendship.

Mogwai featured in the HBO documentary series Witness

Mogwai‘s song “Terrific Speech” is featured in the new HBO documentary series Witness (EP “South Sudan”.)  The series, produced by directors Michael Mann and David Frankham, follows young combat photojournalists as they document conflicts in Mexico, Libya, Uganda and Brazil.  In this episode combat photographer Veronique de Viguerie travels across war-ravaged Uganda on a

Harper Simon’s “Wishes & Stars” in The Neighbors (ABC)

ABC’s new comedy The Neighbors will feature the song “Wishes & Stars” by Harper Simon, first airing 11-14-12 (‘Thanksgiving Is For The Bird-Kersees’ – EP 8.)  The song, from Simon’s debut, self-titled album, will soon be joined by another collection of songs when his follow-up album sees its release on