Agnes Obel in Star-Crossed (The CW)

Agnes‘ song “Dorian”, from her sophomoric album, Aventine will be featured in episode two of the debut season of Star-Crossed (first airing 02-24-14) on The CW. This CBS produced science fiction romance television series, created by Meredith Averill, follows a romance between a human girl and an alien boy when he and eight others

Agnes Obel in Reign (The CW)

Agnes‘ song “Fuel To Fire”, from her sophomoric album, Aventine, will be featured in episode nine (For King and Country) of The CW’s Reign first airing 01-23-14 at 9pm. In the episode, King Henry is forced to make some very bold and dangerous choices for his kingdom that will affect all of France. In

The Jim Jones Revue Rock Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Listen up for The Jim Jones Revue song “Never Let You Go” in promos for The CW’s comedic improve show Whose Line Is It Anyway (commencing 08-05-13.)