Three monster kids, forced to go to human school? We’re as shocked as they are!

Mighty Mighty Monsters follows the adventures of three classic movie monster kids – vampire Vlad, Frankenstein-esque Frankie and werewolf Gunnar – who are expelled from Monster Academy for the prank of the year gone wrong in the first special, Halloween Havoc. Forced to attend a Human Immersion program at a “normal” middle school, the trio makes a deal with their new teacher – if they can successfully convince their fellow students that they’re human, they’ll be able to return to their monster school. As luck would have it, it’s Halloween, so they can pretend to be dressed up and hopefully even win the costume competition. But what happens when the day is over and the hall monitors find out their true identities?

TELETOON will feature the world broadcast premiere of Mighty Mighty Monsters: Halloween Havoc on Monday, October 28 at 6 pm ET/PT.

Features music by Jeff Toyne. By arrangement with Rock Steady.

A special thanks to BRON Animation.